n gadgology [gadg·ol·o·gy]

 1. A web magazine bringing you the latest gadgets, technology and things we find cool.

2. Run by the gadget obsessed for you, the technology enthusiast— gadgologist, n.

 Here at Gadgology we aim to bring you the latest technology and gadgets from around the world with the odd article or review. We’ll try to keep the mood light and fun around here as we’re big kids at heart!  Bear in mind we’re from the UK so we may spell the odd word differently, or tell jokes that don’t seem to be funny so please forgive us for that.

We love technology and geeky gadgets as much as you do and promise to always give you our honest opinion.  Any product reviews we do on the site will be done in an objective and impartial way, we don’t do paid reviews, nor will we publish “advertorials”.  If we hate something we’ll say so.

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