Android Wallpaper App Downloaded by Millions Steals Your Data

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A discovery by mobile security firm Lookout has found that a popular Android Application from Jackeey Wallpaper actually collects your personal data and sends it on to a website, which is apparently owned by someone in China!

androidThe application has been downloaded millions of times, and includes branded Android wallpapers from Star Wars to My Little Pony. Lookout found that the app collected your phone’s SIM card number, subscriber ID, browsing history, voicemail password and all your text messages!  The exact number of affected users is unknown at this time as the Android Market doesn’t offer precise figures.

“Even good apps can be modified to turn bad after a lot of people download it,” said Kevin MaHaffey, chief technology officer at Lookout. “Users absolutely have to pay attention to what they download. And developers have to be responsible about the data that they collect and how they use it.”



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