Antec Unveil Insider Info of New 2010 Prototype Gear

Antec have unveiled insider details of their new 2010 product releases from the Computex event on their Facebook page.  The update shows their latest “Dark Fleet” Gaming rigs, ISK 100 Home Theater/Mini desktop PC, and the modular and user built/re-buildable LanBoy Air!


The DF-35 is one of our best Dark Fleet members. A unique chassis – massively convenient, but in a swifter, lighter mid-tower size


 Meet the DF-85: With pioneering design and world-first conveniences, this top of the line gaming case is your best choice for your next flagship


Whether it is for a petite desktop or a home theater PC, Antec’s ISK Series are epic cases of mini proportions


Ready to build your own system? Then you are ready for this! Using a modular technique, Antec’s new LanBoy Air is pieced together with multiple panels that attach to the colorful frame for your convenience to build upon

For more details and additional images visit the link below

Source: Antec Inc. Facebook Page.


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