Apple Loses the Rights to the iPad name in China


Apple have lost a court case over a trademark dispute in China for the right to use the name “iPad”. If it continues to sell it’s world-beating tablet there it will need to come up with a new name or pay a large fine in the region of $1.5 billion.

Apple lose iPad trademark in China
Apple had previously purchased the trademark from a Taiwanese subsidiary of the Chinese company Proview, who had owned the trademark “iPad” in China since 2000.  This is where it all came unstuck for Apple as the  Shenzhen Municipal Intermediate People’s Court in China ruled that the rights to the sale were not owned by the subsidiary, and therefore the transaction was void and non-binding in China- the rights remaining with the chinese Proview Parent company.

Proview have now launched a trademark infringement case against Apple seeking compensation, which Apple will have to pay to continue selling “iPads” in China.  China is the world’s largest smartphone market and as such is extemely important for Apple, who having been pushing to establish a strong presence there with several telecoms deals signed.

We will have to wait and see if they re-name it there.  What would you call it if you had to come up with a new name?  We think chiPad would be a winner- maybe we should trademark it?!


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