Apple Starts Automatic Refunds On Bumper Purchases


It looks like Apple are making good on their promise to refund all bumper cases already purchased and have started automatically refunding customers.

It seems from the Apple email that you don’t have to put in a claim to receive a refund of your bumper order, you just have wait for the refund to come to you.

As we reported last week, Apple is offering a free bumper case to any iPhone 4 user who purchases their phone before September 30th, or a full refund, or both if they aren’t happy with their phones’ reception. This is all an attempt to address  the widespread criticism of the iPhone 4’s antenna dubbed “Antennagate” by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The free bumper program will cost Apple $175 million according to estimates, which is a considerable saving over the estimated $1.5 billion it would have cost Apple to issue a  recall of the iPhone 4.



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