Aston Martin Lagonda Inspired By Classic William Towns Design To Be Sold In UK


Aston Martin have decided to make the new Lagonda Taraf available in a right-hand drive version on the marques “home turf.” Instead of limiting availabilty to customers in the Middle East as originally planned when the car was announced late last year. Although with a strict limit of 200 to be built you’ll have to be quick if you want one.

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According to new Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer: “Opening up the Lagonda Taraf to an increased number of customers around the world was a high priority for me as soon as I joined Aston Martin late last year. I wanted to be able to offer this exceptional saloon to the potential owners from around the globe who have been enquiring about it, and I’m very happy that we have been able to expand the Lagonda proposition.”

The look of the Taraf “draws inspiration from the highly sought-after William Towns-designed Lagonda of 1976 and features many of the same cutting edge engineering techniques seen in modern Aston Martin sports cars, such as the extensive use of carbon fibre body panels”. The new car is based on Aston Martin’s tried and tested VH platform. With power coming from a 6.0-litre V12 engine, a far cry from the 1976 cars V8.

Exact pricing details are confidential and are likely to vary considerably due to personalisation via the Aston Martin Q bespoke service. However some accounts claim the price for the luxury saloon to be around £700,00.


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