Cloud Music iPhone App Streams Music From Google Docs


Yes we know that there’s already a ton of music streaming apps for the iPhone but this is one with a difference. Cloud Music allows you to upload music tracks to Google Docs, and then stream them to your iPhone from there.

The app supports MP3, MP4 and WAV files and is available now on the app store. This has all been enabled by Google as they have opened up Google docs to allow upload of media files rather than simply the word and excel documents of old.  There are limits however, as Google will only allow up to 1GB of free non-document storage (individual files must be less than 250MB) with an extra charge for each additional GB you upload.

The great part about this app is that because it uses Google Docs as it’s music source, it can play music shared by you with your friends.  It will also show any album artwork if it has been uploaded to Google Docs.

Cloud Music is available now on the iTunes app store for £1.19 ($2)


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