DJI Phantom 3 Standard gives intelligent flight and birds eye views

phantom-3-standardThe new easy fly Phantom 3 Standard Drone from DJI is here. Aimed squarely at first-time drone pilots, it’s intelligent flight system will keep you in the air, whilst it’s on board 2.7K HD 94 degree camera captures the view from above at 30 frames per second.

The integrated camera can also capture still 12 megapixel images in JPG and RAW file formats, as well giving you  a 720p HD real-time view on your mobile device. Your in-flight movies should look sharp too thanks to DJI’s gimbal stabilization technology, which they claim gives you “movie-quality” results no matter how choppy a flight.


Get a birds eye view on your smartphone

Those who worry about losing their drone or struggling to control it will appreciate the Phantom 3’s Automatic Flight Assistant. Using built in GPS that remembers your Phantom’s takeoff point, your drone will return to you on autopilot should you stray out of controller range. Controlling the drone in flight is a simple matter also as the Phantom will automatically hover between your control inputs- fears about it falling out of the sky can be put to bed.

The Phantom 3 Standard is available now from DJI for £649.



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