Doom Creators ID Software Demo “Rage” 60fps iPhone Game

id-rage-iphone-4 John Carmack, co-founder of ID Software- the creators of classic games such as Doom has demoed a new game engine called “Rage” with impressive graphics running at 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4.

The new game engine will be used in an upcoming iOS title which Carmack claims will work not just on the latest iPhone 4, but also  “runs great on an original 2G iPhone” and is “incredibly cool on an iPad.”

Check out the demo below:

Although the game can run at 60 fps, it will use up your battery at a faster rate.  With this in mind, ID will include an option to run the game at 30 fps to conserve battery power.

The quality of the graphics really surprised us and it shows the potential for a bright gaming future for Apple devices.  We can’t wait to play it!


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