Elevation Dock: The Ultimate iPhone Dock?

The main problems with most iPhone docks out there (including the Apple ones) is that they don’t tend to play well if your iPhone is in a case, and it’s almost impossible to take your phone out of it’s dock with one hand without picking up the dock as well. Theres a new dock coming out called the Elevation dock that solves both of these issues in an elegant fashion.


Crafted in solid aluminium it comes in a similar finish to other Apple devices and works whether you’re using a case or not.  It also incorporates a low-friction connector, which combined with the weight of the dock make one handed use a breeze.


The Elevation dock will be available in two versions, the standard and the plus (gains a shielded Line Level audio out) for $90 and $120.  The dock  isn’t in production yet, but you can find out more and get in on it early at Kickstarter.


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