Force Touch on the iPhone 6 will save you time

iphone-6s-force-touch.pngForce Touch is a feature that made it’s debut on the Apple Watch, and is now destined for the next generation iPhone. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Force Touch is used on the Apple Watch to access layered buttons and controls which otherwise wouldn’t fit on it’s small display- you simply press harder to activate it. So you may be wondering, why is it needed the the much larger screen of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus?

Well, thanks to sources who have used the new iPhone 6S, we now know that rather than open up additional options or extra buttons as with the Apple Watch, Force Touch will be used on the iPhone to reduce the amount of button presses needed to perform an action. The source explained the Force Touch experience on the iPhone, along with examples of it’a use:

New to the Force Touch experience, a user can look up a point of interest in the Maps application, and then Force Touch on the destination to immediately begin turn-by-turn directions. Currently, if a user wants to start navigating to a destination, she must search for the point of interest, click the navigation logo on the map view, then click another button to actually start navigating. In this case, the Force Touch gesture will skip two steps.
In the Music application, a user can Force Touch on a listed track to be presented with some of the most commonly-used actions. For instance, if a user deep presses on the listing for a song, a menu will appear to quickly add the song to a playlist or save it for offline listening. This Force Touch gesture would act as a substitute for clicking the actions button on the right side of each track listing in the Music app.
Another feature in testing, according to one source, are shortcuts that appear after Force Touching an app icon on the Home screen. For example, if a user deep presses on the Phone app icon, he could choose to shortcut directly to the Voicemail tab. This could also apply to deep pressing the News app icon and being taken directly to either the Favorites or For You tabs.
Some of the Force Touch gestures will come from Apple’s latest MacBooks. For instance, a user can Force Touch a link in Safari to see a preview of that webpage. The gesture also works for deep pressing on an address or contact name to see a preview of a map view or contact card, respectively. Similarly, a user can Force Touch a word to look up its definition.

Apple is expected to announce new iPhones alongside the new Apple TV on the 9th September.

Source: 9to5Mac


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