Halo Waypoint and ATLAS App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone out now

 Halo developer 343 Industries  has released Waypoint and strategy companion apps; Named ATLAS (Assisted Tactical Assault System), the app gives almost real-time player data and map info while playing matches of  Halo: Reach and Halo: Anniversary Multiplayer on Xbox 360.

 Halo Waypoint ATLAS

Previously announced as a Windows phone exclusive, Halo Waypoint and ATLAS is now available to iOS and Android users too. 

Partnering with Brady Games, ATLAS,  the new strategy part of the app will bring you vehicle and weapon spawn locations in firefight and matchmaking games, team-mate player position tracking as well as your own location on the map and a dynamic player list including current scores and equipped weapon info for your teammates.


As well as ATLAS, Halo Waypoint makes Halo: Reach stats, Service Record, and Custom Challenges available to your mobile device.


Halo Waypoint on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices is free, while ATLAS is an in-app purchase of £2.99 ($4.99) on iOS and Android devices, and free on Windows Phone 7.  

Source: The Halo Bulletin


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