HMV On-Demand- Too Little, Too Late?

HMV On-Demand, an effort by the high street retailer to enter the online video rental market, launched today for the PC and Mac.  HMV have struck a deal with Sony Pictures and The Walt Disney Company to stream films online with a range of recent launch movies on offer with content from all the major film studios and 30 distributors. 

HMV On-Demand

The service is strictly rental-only with no option to buy, priced at a pretty much industry standard £3.99 for the latest titles. The real problems start with a lack of viewing options- Rivals Lovefilm enjoy deals with console and set-top box manufacturers to provide other ways to watch.  With HMV On-Demand however, you have to watch movies on your computer, or connect your laptop to your living room TV, which is far from ideal.

This may prove it’s undoing, as others are already doing it better than HMV On-Demand. HMV are late to the VOD party, and they forgot to bring a bottle.


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