How Much Does Facebook Know About You? A Frightening Wakeup Call

Facebook is an everyday part of life for many people these days, we don’t give a second thought to the comments we post, things we like or our status updates.  The trouble is we should- you may think that Facebook doesn’t hold that much information on you, but you would be very, very wrong indeed.


A Facebook user named Max Schrems of Austria wondered just how much of his data Facebook had stored away on their servers, so he sent a formal request to obtain his data, which as a European he has a legal right to access.  After a few months of waiting what he received back from Facebook was rather alarming, a disc containing 1,222 PDF files detailing every move he has ever made on Facebook.

That’s right EVERY move he had ever made on the site had been recorded and logged, including long-deleted messages, geotagged photos, relationships, employment, login dates and times- the works.  Basically whether you delete what you post or not,  Facebook never will.  It all gets squirelled away on their servers somewhere.  Watch the video below to see the details of just how much Facebook know about us:

 This is all pretty shocking stuff, it brings home the fact that what you think of as your private profile on Facebook is really nothing of the sort.  It only takes a court-order for the Government or police to gain full access to everything Facebook have on you, which we now know is a LOT. The moral of this story is be careful what you share as you never know who is going to be reading it.

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