Improve Your Reception With This Stylish Vapor iPhone 4 Bumper

iphone4_vapor_blackThe iPhone 4 launch has been plagued by problems with the reception and a few owners have managed to crack their phones glass back.  Apple haven’t really been too helpful either- denying that there’s an issue doesn’t fix it for people who know it’s an issue, especially when they add insult to injury by offering to sell you an awful rubber bumper to put over their faulty antenna design- for $30!

If you’re worried about the signal strength or simply have no confidence in the durability of that glass back then you should consider pre-ordering the new iPhone 4 Bumper from Vapor.

Made from aluminium, the inside of the Vapor case is lined with a very high tech shock absorbing material that reduces the G-forces of an impact. It also creates a non-conductive barrier to help maintain the iPhone’s antenna signal strength.

The Vapor is also available with a carbon fiber back plate to further protect the glass back on your iPhone.

The Vapor4 is $80. For $100 you also get the carbon fiber back plate.

Manufacturers’ Description

Despite it’s minimalist appearance, the Vapor is CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. In
other words, it’s strong and light(25 grams)!
A CNC on/off button is designed into the case to complete the clean lines.

Next, the finish of the Vapor case is anodized to create a hard protective coating in brilliant colors. Yes, black is a
color. We love anodized black.

In true ElementCase style, the graphics are laser engraved. A “custom” option will be available soon.





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