International iTunes Match Rollout After False Start

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Apple have launched their cloud-based iTunes Match service officially after a false start on Wednesday when it was accidentally released outside the US, with some users able to subscribe to the service prematurely. Customers who got in early were refunded but now the service is rolling out internationally as planned.

iTunes Match

The fully functional relaunched Match is now available to users from the UK, Australia, Canada, France and other european countries, appearing in the iTunes Store now.

What is iTunes Match?

If you’ve used the iCloud feature of iTunes, you’ll know that music you purchase is shared automatically across all your supported Apple devices.  But what about music you didn’t buy from iTunes?

That’s where iTunes Match comes in: iTunes scans your music collection for songs that are available in the iTunes store, any matches are then added to your iCloud, everything else is uploaded from your iTunes library.  Once your music collection is stored in iCloud it’s available to stream or store on any of your devices. 

The iTunes Match service is subscription based, costing £21.99 a year.


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