iPhone 5 ready for production, release details leaked

A reliable source at Foxconn in China has reportedly leaked information that the iPhone 5 is nearly ready for production.
iPhone 5? The final model is not yet known as there are a number of prototypes doing the rounds, but they all have a number of features in common with each other:

  • Screens 4-inches or larger in size
  • Symmetrical, constant thickness form factor, no teardrop or curved devices have been seen
  • None of the prototypes use the existing iPhone 4/4S form factor

In the Summertime

If the iPhone 5 production is due to start soon, it may well mean that Apple are reverting back to their usual summer WWDC launch rather than the autumn launch of the iPhone 4S.  This is great news for the impatient Apple fans out there, as well as those who don’t have long left on their current contracts.

What do you think of the rumoured increase in screen-size (and corresponding handset size?)  Are Apple right to follow in the footsteps of their rivals who pack bigger screens or should they stick to the current size?

Source: 9to5Mac


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