iPhone 6s – No More Bending Phones?


If you cast your mind back to launch of the iPhone 6, you may remember ‘Bendgate’, the controversy after the larger iPhone 6 Plus phones were actually bending in some owners pockets! It looks like Apple are taking no chances this time around and have taken reinforcing the next gen iphone seriously. In a video from Unbox Therapy we see a much thicker backplate- said to be the upcoming iPhone 6s, compared with that of the current model.

Thickness has been increased all-round, with extra strength added by the power and volume buttons which were the main areas of concern on the old device. In fact the new casing is almost double the thickness of it’s predecessor at 1.99mm compared to the iPhone 6 backplates 1.14mm.

You would think that this extra sturdiness would come with a weight penalty , but according to Unbox Therapy host Lewis Hilsenteger, it weighs 2 grams less than the old model “Not only do we have what look like enhancements, but we also have an overall lighter shell,”

Apple defended the iPhone 6 plus when ‘Bendgate’ happened, stating that it was “extremely rare” for it to bend. Luckily for buyers it did replace affected handsets. This time around it’s looking like the problem will have been solved completely which shows that Apple took the problem seriously, although you could argue that their own testing should have caught the issue first time around- before it ended up in customers hands.


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