Major Twitter Update Announced

new_twitter Twitter have announced a major overhaul of the user interface of it’s popular micro-blogging platform, changing from a single timeline page showing tweets to a two panel view showing tweeted videos and pictures, and contextual information related to  each tweet.

The new panel will also be used for “Promoted tweets” which are basically the same as sponsored links in Google search- Paid for ads which show when triggered by certain keywords.

“You can now take a simple short tweet and get more context and information in less time,” Twitter chief executive Evan Williams told BBC News.

“We liked the old Twitter but we thought we could make it better. There was a lot buried underneath Twitter and now we are bringing all of that to the surface,”

The new Twitter will be rolling out over the next few weeks.  Twitter have set up a page outlining the main changes at explaining that:
“You will now find @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists just above your timeline – creating a single, streamlined view on the left of the screen.

“On the right, you can see the features you’re familiar with, including whom you recently followed and who recently followed you, favorites, and Trending Topics.”

We think it all seems like a good idea, making media content more prominent can only improve the Twitter experience.  What do you think of the new Twitter layout?

Via [Twitter and BBC]


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