New 802.11ac Wireless Standard will be 3x Faster, coming 2012

If you’re like us the range and speed of your WiFi is never enough, with “blackout” areas of your home or office where the signal drops to almost nothing or slows down significantly!  Well don’t despair, a new wireless standard- to be known as 802.11ac is set to be introduced next year- bringing with it three times the “throughput” .


802.11ac will be transmitting on the 5Ghz band, keeping it separate from mobile phones etc, reducing interference from other wireless devices improving range and throughput.  Increased signal srength should help get through thick walls improving range, whilst the increased bandwidth (3x that of wireless N) will be great for streaming and mobile devices.

The new standard is currently under development but will probably be available on devices in “draft” form as was the case with 802.11n when it was still being developed.  Expect to see it making an appearance early in 2012!

Source: DVICE


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