New Apple TV will focus on Gaming and Siri voice control

apple-tv-refreshUp until now the Apple TV has been a bit of a hobby for Apple, not really making any big leaps into an assault on our living rooms to control our TV’s in the same way as consoles from Microsoft and Sony have attempted to do. That now looks set to change- Apple already have much of the handheld gaming market sewn up on iOS devices with games sold via the App Store, and according to sources “with knowledge of the product”, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be looking to take it’s of slice of the TV gaming pie, with updated hardware, software and new peripherals, set to debut at Apple’s San Francisco press event on the 9th September.

Apple will be adding proper game support with the ability to use Bluetooth console-style controllers with joysticks and pressure sensitive buttons that have already been made available for iPhones and iPads etc. Simpler games will be able to be played via the new bundled remote control, and both will benefit from the convenience of downloading titles directly from Apple TV’s App Store.

Universal voice control similar to that on the Xbox One via Kinect will be provided by Siri on the Apple TV. The new Apple TV remote will also provide a touchpad interface as well as more traditional physical buttons, one of which will be dedicated to triggering Siri’s voice control. One of the key additions to the remote wil be built-in motion sensors allowing it to serve as a steering wheel etc for racing games and for similar functions in other titles.

The Apple TV itself will be a little thicker than it’s predecessors, supporting the latest Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac wireless standards bringing better a more reliable connection, lower power consumption and faster data speeds.

The new Apple TV will be officially announced alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on September 9th.


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