New iPhone 6s leak reveals it’s actually getting thicker

iphone-6-getting-thickerIn a complete reversal of the usual trend when it comes to new Apple products, the upcoming iPhone 6s is actually going to be getting thicker rather than thinner as tends to be the case. The latest of many leaks suggests that the new handset will be 0.2mm thicker than it’s predecessor although it’s claimed that this will be imperceptible in the hand/pocket.

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According to German Apple news site, protective iPhone cases have entered mass-production in China and they measure 0.2mm thicker than similar products manufactured for the previous 2014 versions of the iPhone.   The reason for the increase in girth is unclear, it may be to do with the extra strength being added to the rear shell, or maybe the force-touch technology being introduced to the iPhone 6s display is marginally thicker than the old display used.  Either way you’re going to need to buy a new case!

Comparison Video of old and new case dimensions (German language)



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