New iPhone 6S

php1z7pxuThe S version of the iPhone 6 is with us at last. As is usual with an iPhone “S” version, there hasn’t been a radical change in the look of the phone, all the changes lie under the skin. Whilst on the subject of skin, as we expected, the back of the new phone is 0.2mm thicker than before and constructed from stronger 7000 series aluminium. So no banana shape iPhones here!

Fittingly for the S model it has a 70% faster A9 processor and Wi-Fi twice as fast as previously. The rear facing camera has also been improved and now boasts a 12 megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, and 4k video which can be edited on the phone itself (we admit we’re impressed).

Flashier Selfies

Face-time is now in HD quality thanks to the new front-facing 5 mega-pixel camera, selfie fans will be pleased to hear that the screen can now act as a flash. The screen itself is made from the strongest glass currently available which is good news for the clumsy among us, it also sports 3D Touch which is similar to Force Touch on the Apple Watch, and can sense how hard you press the screen andĀ open up new gestures and shortcuts in-App and from the home and lock screen accordingly.

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