New Technology Adds Textures and Contours to Flat Screens

A company named Senseg have developed a new technology which creates the feeling of different textures and contours on the flat glass surface of a tablet screen.  The technology utilizes electrostatic fields to simulate different friction levels, giving the impression of something physically standing out from the completely flat screen.


There are no additional moving parts needed, or any physical changes to the tablet screen at all. The technology could be available on mainstream tablets within the next two years.

With Senseg touch screens come alive with textures, contours and edges that users can feel. Using Senseg technology, makers of tablet computers, smart phones, and any touch interface device can deliver revolutionary user experiences with high fidelity tactile sensations.

Check out the video demonstration below:


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2 thoughts on “New Technology Adds Textures and Contours to Flat Screens”

  1. jdent2612 says:

    This will be amazing when it officially gets a release on tablets.

  2. Gadgology says:

    It certainly should be! It opens the door to so many innovations in the way we use our tablet and touchscreen equipped devices- very exciting stuff indeed!

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