New Toshiba TV – 3D Without The Glasses

toshiba_3d_tv Whilst many manufacturers boast 3D tvs in their range the problem facing consumers is the need to wear special glasses to view the 3D image. This may be a thing of the past when Toshiba launch their new 3D TV range before the end of the year. The new tv will allow viewers to enjoy 3Dtv with the naked eye.

Toshiba have achieved this using their new “light field”  integral imaging system. This emits light at different angles which fools the viewers brain into seeing a 3D image. Compared to conventional 3D which projects different images to each eye alternating at high speed, with the glasses blocking the image meant for the other eye. The new tv will be viewable over a wider angle with less eyestrain. Crucially existing 3D content will be compatible with the new system, including high definition formats.


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