New Xbox 360 dash video playback issues

Microsoft’s brand new “Metro”-style dashboard is part of the Xbox 360’s transformation from pure games machine to an  all-in-one, multimedia entertainment set top box, with video based content a major part of that. According to reports from beta testers and Xbox owners however, there is a problem with video display on consoles running the new interface.
new-dash video problems 
Games site Eurogamer has looked into the problem and has found that the new dashboard forces video to run at limited range RGB levels, making colours appear “washed out” and turning blacks to grey.  Beta testers for the dashboard say that they reported the issue during the beta, only for Microsoft to delete any reference to the problem and respond with:

“Thanks for the feedback! Though we will not be able to incorporate your feedback into this release we will save it for consideration in future releases. Thanks for using the new Xbox Update and please keep up the feedback!”

So it seems Microsoft are aware of the problem but are they doing anything about it? Lets hope it gets sorted out in a future update.  For those who want to read more on the problem check out Eurogamer’s analysis of the fault.

Are you noticing video playback issues?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer


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