Nokia 910 spotted on Dutch retailers site

The European version of the Nokia Lumia 900, the Lumia 910, has broken cover on a Dutch retailer’s website.  The latest Windows Phone from the joint venture between Microsoft and Nokia was rumoured to be the Lumia 900,  and it was even possible to register for one on UK retailer The Carphone Warehouse’s site-which we reported on Gadgology last week (and updated soon after with a update that it would likely be a Nokia Lumia 910 launching in Europe.)


According to the Dutch retailer, the only difference between the 900 and the 910 will be a camera upgrade, with the 910 packing a 12-megapixel camera, in place of the 8-megapixel fitted to the Lumia 900. Although we have heard otherwise, with sources suggesting that it will not include the 900’s LTE 4G technology either, which really doesn’t make much difference to us in the UK at present.

So it would seem that all signs are pointing to the Nokia Lumia 910 being our version of the US-release 900, although there is no firm release date on the site, it is thought to be launching in May/June.

Via: WPCentral


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