Nokia Lumia 900/910 launching in the UK in June- UPDATED

There’s good news for UK mobile phone buyers as the Nokia Lumia 900, previously only officially announced as an exclusive to AT&T in the US, will be available in the UK from the Carphone Warehouse.


According to the Carphone Warehouse, Nokia will be launching it’s Lumia 900 smartphone in the UK in June, and is giving those interested the opportunity to pre-register for the device on it’s website now.


The 4.3-inch Windows Phone will come equipped with Windows Mango and is basically a larger version of the Lumia 800 which has sold very well in the UK since it’s launch at the end of last year.  It comes packing LTE 4G technology but this will be of little benefit for UK users as our next generation 4G network is a fair way off yet.

Availability in the rest of the world has not yet been announced.

UPDATE:  A rumour has been doing the rounds that it will in fact be a Nokia 910, without LTE and packing a 12MP camera that makes it to these shores.  Oh, and it’ll be May and not June.

 Source: Eldar Murtazin (Twitter)


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