Orange and T-Mobile Investing £1.5 Billion in UK 4G Network

Everything Everywhere, the UK communications company behind Orange and T-Mobile has confirmed plans to invest more than £1.5bn over the next three years in upgrading and further integrating it’s two mobile networks in preparation for the UK rollout of 4G mobile technology. Everyhting Everywhere prepare for Uk 4G rollout

“With mobile data increasing 250% over the past two years, we are making these investments so we can deliver on our ambition to provide the UK’s most reliable, biggest and best mobile data network. We believe that the UK requires a 21st century infrastructure and are committed to rolling out 4G as soon as possible to support growing data use, connect parts of the country with little or no mobile broadband, and drive economic growth.” Said CEO of Everything Everywhere, Olaf Swantee.

Everything Everywhere will be investing in improved equipment that provides faster and more reliable network coverage, and also to allow for a future upgrade to 4G when the spectrum is auctioned off some time late 2012 (It will be after the Olympics have wrapped up as the 4G spectrum has been alocated to cameras during the games!).

Everything Everywhere were the first UK operator to carry out a live 4G customer trial back in September, which showed that the technology can be used to deliver broadband to the last 10% of the UK population who have no mobile or fixed access to broadband internet.

Chief Technical Officer of Everything Everywhere, Fotis Karonis,  said: “Everything Everywhere is committed to building a world-class 4G network for Britain.  We are devoting huge resources – including our 15,000 workforce and significant investments in technology – and already trialling, learning and laying the ground-work so that we are prepared to introduce 4G services as soon as it’s feasible.”

Source: Everything Everywhere


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