Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ unveiled


Samsung has announced a bigger, 5.7 inch variant of it’s high-end Android handset the Galaxy S6 edge. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ was unveiled alongside the new Galaxy Note 5, which Samsung won’t be selling in the UK unfortunately.

Choosing to play it safe, Samsung has kept most of the basic features of the S6+ the same as it’s predecessor. The heart of the phone is the same processor and 4GB of RAM, the camera is the same excellent 16-megapixel camera as before, and it’s all powered by a 3,000mAh battery. So far, so familiar.

Just like the previous model, the S6 edge+ supports wireless charging which Samsung claim to have made a much faster process- in fact a whopping 27% to be precise. This should enable a charging time of 120 minutes.  Standard plugged-in charging is still  the fastest option though at 90 minutes for a full charge.


In what seems to be a trend in the next wave of premium handsets, just like the Apple’s iPhone 6S rumoured backplate beef-up, the chassis of the S6 Edge+ handset has been reinforced to make it 1.7 times stronger and 1.3 times more scratch resistant. Outwardly however the phone is cosmetically much the same but obviously a bit bigger than before. That’s not really a negative as it’s a pretty nice looking device it’s just not got the “new phone” wow factor.

The new bits of the Samsung S6 edge+ are all software based changes. The exciting stuff mainly centres around video, with a new integrated YouTube live broadcast feature which allows invite-only sharing with any of your contacts, and updates to the 5-Megapixel front facing camera to improve recording stability and provide facial recognition. There are new modes too: Collage mode, as the name suggests collages clips together in one window, while Series mode lets you join clips together end to end. Slow-motion mode is what sounds the most fun to us though!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will be on sale in the UK from September, with exact launch date and prices still to be confirmed.


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