Samsung Windows Phone 7 Prototype Revealed

windows-phone-7 Microsoft have broken cover with a preview version of a Windows Phone 7 handset.  Previews just published show it to be a fast OS with a fresh responsive user interface that’s a break from the iOS4 and Android norm.

There are a few disappointments such as a lack of support for multi-tasking, (which even Apple have eventually implemented, albeit in a rudimentary form)and a big faux-pas with the omission of copy and paste altogether!  This is a little strange and a somewhat backwards step when you consider that even Windows Mobile 5 from many moons ago supported both of these features.

The new OS will have a third party app marketplace although these are few and far between at the moment. Microsoft are attempting to get round this issue by paying iPhone developers to port their apps to the Windows Phone 7 platform.  They obviously hope to have a selction of apps comparable to the iPhone’s core offerings at launch.

Windows 7 looks to be a contender but in the end it’ll be up to the consumer to decide.  Depending on how competitive the final pricing is the fresh interface of Windows Phone 7 may not be enough to overcome the limited features of the OS.


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