Screen Discoloration Issues With iPhone 4

defectiveiphone4screen Reports of a screen quality problem are starting to come in via the Apple discussion forums.  It seems that several iPhone 4 owners have noticed discolored blotchy areas on their iphones’ display.

Here’s what one owner, Hudubious had to say:

I got my 32gb iphone 4 just now from fedex. I just noticed a flaw on my display. It wasn’t very obvious, i was messing with the phone for a good 45 minutes till i even spotted it. On the bottom 10% of the screen there are 3 blotches about the size of shirt buttons that discolor the screen a brown/yellow color.

another, elitemrp  said:

I’ve got an orange/brown (almost burnt color) blob at the bottom right corner and top right corner. There’s also orange/brown smudges across the top.

It’s hard to see unless there’s a gray toolbar or if you view a white photo full screen. 

They also posted the image used in this article which shows the defective area.  It remains to be seen just how many units are affected by the fault.

If you have received your iPhone 4 and have noticed the same problem let us know in the comments below.

Via Apple Support Forums


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