Sony PlayStation 4 update increases cloud storage to 10GB

ps4 Update Sony have announced that the next Playstation 4 update codenamed “Kenshin” will increase the available cloud storage for PlayStation Plus members from 1GB to 10GB!

In a post on the Playstation Blog , Sony outlined other improvements to the console, with an events hub giving players an overview of what’s going on in your most played games- things like a forthcoming double XP weekend or seasonal events.

You will now be able to Live stream to YouTube, with the streams viewable on the new YouTube Gaming app and website. New community features such as, well communities allow you to create a community around a game or genre of game, while Favourite Groups lets you access people you frequently play with/against more quickly.

Extra sharing options will be available too: You can share your favourite 10 second video clips to Twitter, view video clips and screenshots in the “Live From Playstation” area and send stickers to friends instead of typing out a full message.


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