The Commodore 64 Lives On In 2010

 commodore_pc64 Although Commodore is a name from the past it’s making a comeback today. Many of you will remember having one as your first computer  and you will soon be able to re-live a bygone ere thanks to Commodore USA.

After several months of legal wrangling about who owns the rights to sell  PC’s under the Commodore name, the way is now clear for the brands’ resurgence in the form of the Commodore PC64.

The PC64 whilst looking to all the world like a vintage model in it’s authentic beige case -complete with it’s original clunky keyboard, is actually a modern machine through and through.  It’s powered by an Intel Atom processor and features 4GB DDR3 memory, 1TB HDD, CD/DVD optical drive (Optional Blu-Ray!) and HDMI output and should be just the thing for retro geardo’s who still need a working machine they can use today.

Now all we need is an emulator for all the old titles and we’re all set!


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