Third UK Best Buy Store Opens Today


US retailer Best Buy opens its third UK store today at Merry Hill, near Dudley in the West Midlands. This follows the successful opening of it’s stores in Thurrock and Southampton. More openings are to follow- stores in Aintree near Liverpool and Croydon will open later in the year.


As an electronics retailer, Best Buy sell everything you would normally expect in this kind of store- and a few things you wouldn’t!  One of the points of difference with Best Buy is the green technology area which includes solar chargers, electric bikes and even an electric car!   I know the team  here at were surprised to find an electric Peugeot there when we walked in the door! 

One thing we did like when we visited the Best Buy store in Southampton was the lack of pressure by staff to buy something.  As the “Blue Shirts” aren’t on commission there is no pressure selling and they are polite and seem genuinely interested in helping you get the right product- Currys take note! *.  

*(We also visited the nearby refurbished Currys/PC World superstore and felt a little harassed- we were asked if we wanted any help no fewer than 12 times!) 

The store is very open to browsing and you get to play with all the new tech- all switched on and working including iPads and 3D TV so if you have yet to see/try either of those it’s well worth a visit.

Merry Hill Opening Offers

Click the image below to check out the opening weekend offers.   Many items are 70% off.



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