TomTom Spark fitness watch brings phone-free music on the go

tomtom-spark-fitness-watchTomTom have launched a brand new fitness watch at the IFA show in Germany which promises smartphone free workouts for those who like to exercise to music. The watch has all the familiar fitness related features you would expect , such as heart rate monitoring etc, but bundles in an on-board music player that doesn’t require your smartphone to work.

“We know that music plays an important role when it comes to motivating and improving sports performance, but relying on a smartphone is all too often an uncomfortable experience,” says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director, TomTom. “The unique combination of an integrated music player, built-in heart rate monitor, 24/7 activity tracking, multi-sport modes and GPS in TomTom Spark makes it easier than ever to track progress, improve overall fitness levels and ultimately get more from your workout”

The TomTom Spark is intended to be worn all-day, automatically tracking your daily activity and sleep 24-hours a day. Different colours and sizes will be available for big or small wrists.


Cable free workouts

The Spark requires Bluetooth headphones to listen to music as it’s not compatible with wired versions. TomTom will be launching the new TomTom Fitness Headphones to complement the Spark for those without a pair of wireless ear-danglers.

While we’re on the subject of music, TomTom have teamed up with the world-famous Ministry of Sound to create a 30 minute mix of dance music called “Running Trax” which will be pre-loaded on the Spark. Should you get bored with that, the watch comes with 4GB of storage giving it a capacity of over 500 tracks which can be added via iTunes or Windows Media Player.

The Spark will be available to pre-order from September 3rd for £189.99.


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