V-Luxe Retro iPad Stand

If you like watching movies on your iPad you’ve probably found that some kind of stand or dock makes it a whole lot easier, and more powerful external speakers help improve the iPad’s sound no end, but can look a bit cluttered.  Well we’ve found the perfect solution- The V-Luxe iPad Stand turns your iPad into a 1950’s style TV set and is compatible with both incarnations of the iPad, first generation and iPad 2.

V-Luxe iPad stand- African Mahogany

Available in three natural wood finishes- African mahogany, walnut and cherry- the V-luxe offers cable access for audio and power, a retro, cloth-grille-covered hideaway speaker cabinet, swivel and tilt adjustment and and easy access to both the ipad screen and home button via a integrated wooden button in the cabinet.

The V-Luxe iPad stand measures 17.5-inch high x 12.5-inch long x 8.5-inch wide with the price £TBC.  If you don’t have an iPad don’t feel left out as an iPhone and iPod Touch version, the V-Lite Junior is currently in the works. 

For more information on the V-Luxe range of stands visit bknydesign.


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